What Am I Doing

What am I doing?
Promoting a rediscovery of the Via Francigena as a cultural tourist itinerary which has its roots in the ancient route of pilgrims to Rome.

Why this effort?
One person – especially a journalist – can not but wonder why La Via Francigena – as is the case in Spain with the Camino de Santiago – can not become for pilgrims marching a means of discovery of the territory it crosses.

What can you do?

I walked the Italian part of the Via Francigena (950 km) in May 2007 and in May 2009 I completed what is called the Southern Via Francigena (750 km) that goes from Rome to Puglia. Both times I updated the blog every day with text, photos and video, which can always be consulted. In the old post you can find much information on the Via Francigena that may be useful in the event that I thought to put you on the march or just to satisfy your curiosity.

Sooner or later I will get back on the road, meanwhile, when I’m walking the blog is updated from time to time with news about the Via Francigena. If you want to do something yourself, talk to a few friends of the Via Francigena, and urges local authorities (if you live in Italy) in order to do more and better to promote this ancient path, and perhaps one day will return to its former glory.